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One of the worst displays of football I have ever seen from the New York Giants.

I have never been more embarrassed by the product that was put on the field today. In a game that had no implications to the draft order truly, because the Giants own both picks, this game was more for a matter of pride than anything.

How dare the Giants organization play Mike Glennon yet again. He went FOUR-FOR-ELEVEN, 24 YARDS AND TWO INTERCEPTIONS. Are you actually serious? The game was so embarrassing that the social media team didn't tweet from the account at all. They posted a game time huddle, retweeted when Gano hit the only score, and that's it. How lovely!

Five straight losses, second straight week of setting a season low in yards, I mean this is just ruthless. This team doesn't deserve a recap, a rah-rah speech on "we'll get em next year", or optimism onto what next week looks like. I am confused how Joe Judge still has job security week after week. I am unsure of what the identity of this team is. The only positive is that there is one more week of Giants, and then we can focus on the rebuild. This nightmare needs to end.

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