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Pac 12 After Dark Gets Wild as Oregon and UCLA both lose

First off, can we get some FTFOS in the chat?

Now, let's start with Oregon. #6 ranked Oregon fell to #25 Washington last night in a crazy late night game. If you know me, you know I'm a huge Michael Penix fan because I went to IU for a year. He deserved a lot better than that sh*t program and I'm happy he's finally getting some big wins at Washington.

Oregon choked this game away big time. They were up 34-27 with a little under 4 minutes to play. Should be an easy win right? Wrong. Michael Penix made a spectacular throw to Taj Davis which turned into 6. It was a beauty, check it out below.

Game is tied with around 3 minutes to go and Oregon has the ball. They went for it on 4th and 1 at their own 35 and the RB slipped. Really sad sequence of events.

Washington gets the ball back and kick the game winning FG. Huge upset and Oregon seems to always fumble the bag at the end of every season. I always think they have a Rose Bowl locked up and then they seem to fumble it every year in ways that I never think of.

Penix was amazing with 408 passing yards and 2 TDS. He deserves this major W after the biggest win he got at IU was when he "got in" to the end zone against Penn State with that massive stretch. I still to this day do not know if he got in and every time I rewatch it I am more undecided.

Alright, now let's talked about UCLA.

Little brother team losing to Arizona? What happppppenduh UCLA? USC would never! Another thing I saw was "U of A!" chants broke out at the Rose Bowl late Saturday night. This game wasn't as thrilling as the Oregon game. UCLA could not stop Arizona offense, which is hilarious. This loss makes UCLA's Pac-12 championship hopes slim to none.

Next week will be MASSIVE as UCLA and USC face off in the battle of LA. This game is at the Rose Bowl, but really doesn't matter because UCLA fans do not show up to the Rose Bowl. I am expecting more USC fans there 100%. Honestly, if the Pac-12 want a team in the CFP, UCLA should just give up next Saturday. USC is the conference's lone playoff hopeful, so UCLA should just not even try on Saturday.

I'm expecting USC to be 6 in next week's CFP rankings. I think they have a decent shot at the playoff if they win next week and then win the Pac 12 championship. It would be ideal if they ended up in the Rose Bowl so I could drive 45 mins to the game, but we will see. Can only take it one week at a time and now gotta turn the attention to the battle of LA.


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