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Patrick Mahomes gets a taste of his own medicine, and he HATES it

For the first time in his career, star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, was on the recieving end of a penalty call that cost his team the game... and he hated it.



With 1:25 left in the fourth quarter, down 17-20 against the rival Buffalo Bills, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce made a gorgeous lateral pass to wide reciever Kadarius Toney who took it in for a touchdown, and Kansas City takes the lead late in the game, or so we thought.


With a flag down in the backfield, it was deemed by the officials that Kadarius Toney lined up offside. The play came back, the Chiefs fail to convert a 2nd & 15, fail to convert a 3rd & 15, and then a 4th & 15, resulting in a Buffalo victory, and Kansas City taking a huge step back in the race for home field advantage in the playoffs as they now go to an 8-5 record.

Moments later, cameras spotted Patrick Mahomes on the sideline causing an absolute scene.


Since then, the football world has taken to social media to bash Mahomes' behavior, and so here I am to do the same.

Really, Pat? After all the favorable calls you've recieved in your career, you're going to act like this? And what's even worse, is that after all the though playoff losses that Josh Allen has taken against Mahomes, Allen always walks up to Mahomes after the game with a big embrace and wishes him luck on the rest of his journey. Mahomes? Nah, not nearly the same class act. He made his brief meeting with Josh Allen at midfield all about himself.


Oh, and it gets even better. Mahomes' post game interview was spent whining and moaning at the podium.


And you're crazy if you thought that Mahomes' notoriously obnoxious wife, Brittany, wasn't going to rear her ugly head and have something to say about this situaton.


So there you have it, folks. Perhaps the second most favored QB in NFL history got a taste of his own medicine, and he absolutely can't stand it. What a hypocrite.


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