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PHOTOS: A weekend at AutoCamp Cape Cod

Recap: AutoCamp in Cape Cod. Falmouth, Massachusetts - February 2022

Camera: Nikon Z5 // Nikkor 25-50 f/4.0


As a kid, I was fortunate enough to travel across the United States in an RV. While at different camps, I encountered numerous Airstreams trailers. The American silver bullet was introduced in the 1920's, the Airstream was the Cadillac of trailer traveling. They were cool and retro, and years later they are now a hip way to camp.

AutoCamp has made the Airstream accessible for all. The company provides camping in awe-inspiring locations in America. They are spruced up with beautiful interior design, cozy fixings, and a ton to do within the camp. The clubhouse is modern with live music, fire pits, and coffee bars. The "camping experience" is very comfortable too. Here are a few pictures from their Cape Cod location.


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