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PHOTOS: Your NEC Champions - The Bryant University Bulldogs

For the first time in university history, the Bryant Bulldogs have won an NEC title and are heading to March Madness! It was a one sided game, as Wagner was not at tip top shape. Besides Raekwon Rogers, who led the team with 3 points on 6-of-8 shooting, the rest of the Seahawks shot 22% (11 of 50) from the field.

Peter Kiss, who has been leading the nation in scoring this season, dropped 34 points in dominant fashion, helping the Dawgs cruise past the Seahawks 70-43.

Tensions flared with some fan altercations, causing the game to be delayed over 30 minutes. The student section was a zoo, the roof was ready to explode, the scene in Smithfield was out of a movie. Check out the pics below!



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