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Positivity Corner: Domino’s franchisees purchased over $100K in gift cards from local restaurants

I am sort of a pizza snob, being from New York (the pizza capital of the United States, stfu Connecticut folk). I am not one for Dominoes, even though I'll slap a 7/11 pizza at 2am, but I am a big fan of their work in recent days.

If you haven't seen, Domino's has stepped up an addressed the issue of high priced delivery fees that have plagued people across the country. According to the company's site, operators gave delivery customers $50 gift cards to local restaurants in Boston, Phoenix, Louisville, Ky., Laredo, Tex., and Denver. The local stores gave out more than $100,000 worth of gift cards to 2,600 customers earlier this month.

Delivery services are charging anywhere between 10% to 30% of the amount of an order. Not only is this message powerful for standing up against the Uber's and DoorDashes', but it also is a powerful message of helping out small businesses during the pandemic and during the holiday season.

On top of that, Domino's has also urged customers to “skip the delivery apps and order directly from a local restaurant”.

It didn't hit me until the other month on how atrocious Uber Eats fees are. I ordered from a local burger spot because I was too lazy to drive down the road to grab dinner. A burger and fries, with delivery and tip, was $38.75. I don't know if it's COVID prices or what but that is just absurd.

Good on Domino's this round!

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