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Setting the stage with Stanzo. Yankees vs. Red Sox, AL Wild Card Game Preview

A full season of baseball and it all comes down to tonight. Highs and lows but after committing to 162 games, you really hate the stakes of the Wild Card Game. Nine innings, twenty seven outs, and you either move on or pack your bags.

For the tumultuous roller coaster season the Yankees have had, it is only fitting that quite possibly the final game comes down to the rival, in rival territory. Gerrit Cole vs. Nathan Eovaldi. Our ace verse a former member. Yankees verse Red Sox. Fenway Park. There wouldn't be any other way if this World Series DVD is going to be a movie. A walk down memory lane of 2021 tells a story of injuries galore, a no-hitter by Kluber, three triple-plays, a busy trade deadline, thirteen game winning streak and pitiful losses, and of course Bronxie The Turtle.

And now, a do-or-die matchup in Boston. On "Beers, Business, and Balls" this week, we caught up with Nick Constanzo, aka Stanzo, who is in the forefront of Yankees twitter and a contributor for Bronx Pinstripes. We discussed the plan for today and what the outcomes might be. Nerves and an unsettling feeling, we all said it'll be a close one, but the Yankees should come out on top. With JD Martinez and Chris Sale both left off the roster for the game, it's up to a strong performance by Cole, proper bullpen management by Boone, and hot bats by Judge and Co. Roll Yanks, let's win a damn ball game.

Stanzo: Yankees 6, Red Sox 5

Tondo: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4

Zimmer: Yankees 4, Red Sox 2


Buy your merch, let's go Yanks!

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