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Soda Rankings by MarxTakes

I had a lot of fun ranking cereal and debating with people about how elite Honey Bunches of Oats are and how overrated Golden Grahams are. Like I said in my previous post, sports are dry right now and the Mets cause me a lot of pain and suffering, so I'd rather just rank sodas. However, I will say that I am very impressed and happy with the Mets after they won 2/3 in Atlanta. Gritty, resilient team that went into a huge series on the road and took 2/3. Let's get into the rankings! Also, this ranking was a bit more challenging because there was some sodas that had diet vs non-diet options. Might be a hot-take, but, I prefer non-diet for a lot of options. However, there were some where I genuinely do not have a preference over diet and non diet, like Pepsi. So, I just put them next to each other, but they are pretty much equal to me. However, there is NOTHING better than an ice cold DIET coke, and I will die on that hill.

Also, if you disagree with these rankings or just want to debate, please tweet at me @graciemarx or on Instagram @marxtakes. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for my next rankings blog, please feel free to reach out! Okay, here are the rankings!


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