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Sugar and Spice Made Everything Nice…Now What?!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

On this week’s episode of Ru Paul, “The Crystal Ball: Episode 200,” we celebrated Ru Paul’s bi-centennial episode utilizing what EVERYBODY KNOWS is the fifteen-year anniversary gift: crystal. (No but seriously, I need a chart of these gifts because I feel like I should know what these milestone gifts are) ((Chart to come, maybe)).

The mini-challenge for this week was the photo-bomb challenge, which had us all in tears–watching Anetra cannonball into the bathtub, Luxx Noir London kicking Vivacious into the literal void, Marcia x3 cosplaying as…Voldemort? Nosferatu? Sasha Velour? Who’s to say. Anetra emerged victorious, securing the $2,500 bag from PrettyLittleThing and foreshadowing her front-runner status for the episode.

Marciax3 in this week's mini challenge. Source:

This week’s maxi-challenge was designing outfits for the Crystal Ball. The queens had to produce three separate looks for the night’s runway: Start Your Engines, My Favorite Ball, and Crystallized Eleganza. The guest judge on this week’s episode was Julia Garner, from Inventing Anna and Ozark.

The first look, Start Your Engines, was to be inspired by RuPaul’s iconic drag racing suit. Here’s who bopped and flopped, IMO:

BOPS: Marcia x3, Sasha Colby, Spice

FLOPS: Honestly, no flops on this look

The second look, My Favorite Ball, was to be inspired by previous balls throughout the seasons of RPDR. We saw some Bag Balls, some Hair Balls (no literally, Spice had a hairball, which Michelle slammed as overdone and redundant–yikes), with one-time cameos from the Sugar Ball and the Money Ball. Again, here is who bopped to the top, and who flopped the flop, IMO:

BOPS: Mistress (that Beach Ball suit literally sent me into orbit) FLOPS: Spice, Salina EsTitties, Loosey LaDuca and her doggie bags

The third and final look, Crystallized Eleganza, was to be a couture gown embellished with or inspired by crystals. Here are my opinions on who bopped and who flopped:

BOPS: Anetra, Sasha Colby, Luxx Noir London (who served crystallized ice queen realness)

FLOPS: Salina EsTitties (this dress was the embodiment of “mid”)

The winner of the maxi-challenge was the very much deserving Sasha Colby, earning a $5,000 cash prize and solidifying her place as one of the queens to beat in this competition (as if we didn’t already know).

Sasha Colby, the winner of this week's maxi-challenge. Source:

Unfortunately, this left Salina EsTitties and Spice standing on the runway, ready to lipsync for their lives. Salina has once already lip-synced for her life this season, and Spice has also lip-synced only once as well when she sent Sugar home–not including the LipSync Lalaparuza Smackdown of Episode 8, where Anetra so graciously saved Spice to give Jax the axe.

Salina and Spice duked it out to Lil Nas X’s “THAT’S WHAT I WANT” for their final showdown. Spice rolled around, showcased her humor (which we LOVED to see), lip synced roughly 90% of the correct lyrics, and honestly had so much fun with it that it was really enjoyable to watch. Salina EsTitties, on the other hand, put on a very theatrical, ballad-like performance of the song, like she was a wife who found out about her husband’s infidelity with a much younger woman and was begging him to stay. Truthfully, it is impossible to compare the two; they were both so bizarre in their own ways honestly. Lil Nas X if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t have done you like that I promise.

In the end, the verdict was what we expected: Salina EsTitties shantayed back to the workroom and stayed, and Spice sashayed away. Admit it–we have all had a love-hate with Sugar and Spice this season; we all knew their time was limited, but it was sad to see them go, no?

Spice trotted down the runway for one last time, wrote her mirror farewell message, and packed all of her tiny little handbags to head home. Sugar and Spice made everything nice…and now, it’s just a battle for the crown. Who will be AMERICA’S NEXT DRAG SUPERSTAR?

Spice bids her farewell to the RPDR runway. Source:


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