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Sunday Spreads Season 2, Volume 11: Can Stafford Bounce Back?

Image: LA Times

Last week was a rough one for some of the league's top QBs, especially Matthew Stafford and the LA Rams. How can Stafford and his team bounce back, and how will the rest of Sunday's games fare ATS? Find out Will Tondo and I's picks for the Rams and more this Sunday.

Basel's ATS 2021: 34-21-2 (3-3 Week 10)

Tondo's ATS 2021: 25-32 (1-5 Week 10)

Basel's Week 11 Picks

1 PM Games

Baltimore Ravens at Chicago Bears

This bet is a lot shakier than it should be, considering some recent double digits Ravens losses, as well as a 3-6 ATS record so far this season. However, with Khalil Mack out, and Justin Fields still not yet up to par with some of the top QB talents in this league, I think Baltimore's defense should give Lamar Jackson enough cushion to take this one by at least a touchdown.

Ravens -5.5

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Another one to avoid if you can, but if you wanna throw some units on this one, go with the Packers. The Vikings have one of the most inconsistent offenses in the entire league, and despite Aaron Rodgers' mishaps off the field, he clearly leads one of the best offensive units this year. Even without Aaron Jones, Rodgers has plenty of weapons to get a close win on the road.

Packers -1

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

As hot as the Colts are right now, Buffalo is a team that can run up the score against anyone in the league if they feel like it. Josh Allen and Stephon Diggs are nearly unstoppable this year, and with the Patriots creeping up on them in the AFC East, they'll want to make a big statement win to hold onto the division.

Bills -7

Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns

I picked the Lions to cover last week, and they actually did! They didn't win, but hey, they didn't lose either, and neither did Lions bettors. With Cleveland regaining their offensive identity following the departure of OBJ, I think the Browns are still vulnerable enough for Detroit to cover a pretty large spread.

Lions +12.5

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

Tyrod Taylor is back today, and Tennessee's roster is absolutely ravaged by injury. I would even consider giving Houston the win today, but you're going to get your money's worth way more from the spread, especially if the Titans find a way to close this one out.

Texans +9.5

San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars

San Francisco has done well as the away team under Kyle Shanahan. Under Urban Meyer, the Jags have done literally nothing. Even with the fact that the Niners are travelling on a short week, I have no faith in Jacksonville to get anything going in this one.

Niners -6.5

4 PM Games

Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs

A tough late afternoon bet, the Chiefs have played way below par so far this season, yet have managed to claw their way back up to the top of the AFC West. Mahomes is still Mahomes, and Kansas City is once again one of the league's best offense ahead of an easy pocket of their schedule. They'll take this in a close one against Dem Boyz.

Chiefs -2.5

Tondo's Week 11 Picks

1 PM Games

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

Oh boy… Which is the lesser of two evils? I guess it’s Miami. Their defense is been the key to their winning streak thus far, claiming 6 takeaways in their past two. The Jets, well, they are trending in the opposite direction. Mike White’s magic has fizzled. The Dolphins are 6-0 ATS against the Jets in their last 6 games, therefore Dolphins-3.5.

New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles

The Saints stock is in the basement right now. They kept it close against the Titans, but they will be as average as it gets the remainder of this season. The Eagles are trending in the right direction, and this should be a confident win in their books.

Eagles -2.5

Washington Football Team at Carolina Panthers

Should you buy into the Cam Newton hype? I don’t know, but the Panthers got a big one against the Cardinals, though I think luck was on their side. Speaking of luck, how about the Football Team?! A big time win against the Bucs. I can’t imagine them not covering this contest. Heck, I think they’ll win it outright.

WFT +3.5

4 PM Games

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks

It’s hard to bet on the Seahawks when they are 3-6. It’s an odd feeling but even with Russell Wilson, they looked unsettled and stagnant against the Packers. The Cardinals however are one of the top contenders in the NFC but have been hurting without Murray, Hopkins, and Company. Some uncertainty here, but I’ll be the first to admit that I think this is a turn around game for the Seahawks. If they have any chance for season success then it starts today.

Seahawks +1

Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders

Who would’ve thought that both these teams might make the playoffs? Well it’s still early to tell but both have been surprises this season. After hot starts, the Bengals and the Raiders have come back to reality and are skidding. I am stuck on the recency bias here and I’ve been suckered into the Burrow-Chase hype. I also am shocked by the Raiders latest performance against the Chiefs. Yikes. Neither team is great ATS, so I guess I’ll go Bengals -1.5.

Sunday Night Football

Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers

It’s been a rocky road for both teams. Justin Herbert is falling from grace and the Steelers are lost identity. Chargers come in as favorites against an injury struck and Covid hit Pittsburgh. If Mason Rudolph is leading the Steelers, I expect a big bounce back game for LA.

Chargers -5.5


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