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Sunday Spreads Vol. 8: Quarterbacks Quickly Quelling Qritics

Look, I know I bent some linguistic rules for the title of this week's article, but give me a break. Q's are hard.

As we approach the hump of the season and make our way down word, I think it's safe to say that when all is said and done, the 2020 NFL MVP is going to be a quarterback. I can't make a super confident case for anyone specific (I'm leaning heavily towards Russ), but I really think that the best teams in this league are where they are because of their men behind center.

For this week, here's a matchup from each major timeslot, a prop bet for a QB in that game, and how I think the game will end against the spread.

1 PM-Chiefs at Jets

Straight up, there is absolutely no reason to watch this game unless you want to watch a bloodbath. Several previews have described the Jets as "seeking their first win of the season," and I cackle every time. There is no win to seek out. Mahomes and the Chiefs are going to absolutely wipe the floor with New York, and don't be surprised if former Jet Leveon Bell plays a significant role in said wiping.

That being said, if you play against the spread, there may be reason for you to keep watching. As of writing this post, the spread on MGM is in favor of Kansas City by 19.5 points. Spreads that high are something you usually see in college, when schools like Clemson pad their schedule with schools like Tumbleweed State so they can cling on to their number one ranking. Being as large of the spread that it is, however, I think the Chiefs can still cover, mostly due to just how awful the Jets are. Look for this cover to hit due to Mahomes having one of his better passing games of the year, and parlay it with the over for the Kansas City QB.

My Pick: Mahomes OVER 271.5 passing yards (-115). Get on this prop as early as possible because I can see it shifting up as we get closer to game time. It's already gone up a few yards since Saturday.

ATS: Chiefs -19.5 (-110)

4:25 PM-Niners at Seahawks

I picked the Cardinals to cover against the Seahawks last week, and looking back, that was really weird of me. I was right, but it was weird. I might not show it on this blog or on social media a lot, but I am really geeking over Russel Wilson this year. I'm not a Seahawks fan, but man do I love to watch that man play. Also, him and Ciara kill it every year with their Halloween costumes, but I digress. I think Russel Wilson is going to do what he's done every game this season and dominate in the air. 296.5 yards is a pretty modest line if you ask me, but San Francisco's passing defense has been pretty solid, which is what I think mainly keeps this number below the 300 region.

In terms of the actual spread, I'm not as hot on Seattle. Maybe I'm superstitious and feel like I should go against the Seahawks again, but I really don't know if their defense can keep them alive all season. Seattle is currently allowing 28.7 points per game, currently the ninth worst in the league, due in large part to an ever-growing injury report. Luckily for Seattle, San Francisco's offense has been pretty inconsistent due to their own injury problems, but due to the crucial implications in terms of NFC West division standings, I'm expecting San Fran to leave it all out on the field this week.

My Pick: Russel Wilson OVER 296.5 passing yards (-115)

ATS: Niners +3 (-115)

Sunday Night Football: Cowboys at Eagles

I feel really bad for the people who made the schedule earlier in the year. With completely healthy rosters, this might actually be a pretty solid game, with strong implications for who will take the NFC East. However, this week's primetime matchup will feature a struggling Carson Wentz taking on rising Tik Tok meme Ben DiNucci. I really don't expect much from this game, and my prop pick is one out of spite for wasting my time on a Sunday night. Despite the Cowboys defense only recording one pick this entire year, I think Wentz will gift a Dallas safety with a turnover at least once this game. In terms of the spread, throw a buck Philly's way and hope next week produces some better matchups.

My Pick: Carson Wentz OVER 0.5 interceptions (100)

ATS: Philly -11 (-110)


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