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Thank You, Eli Manning.

The nostalgia kicked in this afternoon. MetLife Stadium was filled in a sea of blue, with hundreds and hundreds of No.10 jersey being proudly worn. It was a special game for Giants fans, and to be honest, the game itself was not in the forefront. Today was dedication to the sixteen seasons and two Super Bowl championships Eli Manning gifted the Giants. Today was the day he officially cements himself in the Giants archives, as the organization adds him to the Giants 'Ring of Honor'.

He was never Tom Brady, but will always be linked to the GOAT for stealing two Super Bowls from him. He was never his brother Peyton, but provided the Giants similar consistency and professional poise. Eli Manning was the epitome of what you want from your quarterback and captain. The Eli Manning era is one that fans take for granted.

The 99-yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz, the 210 consecutive starts, the first win in the Cowboys new stadium and him signing his name on their wall, his final start and win in 2019, all of these memories should not be forgotten. Eli's tenure with the Giants was special.

However, the best moment by far has to be Super Bowl 42. Every Giants fan remembers where they were for this game. The young Eli and the Wild Card Giants were facing off against the undefeated and overwhelming New England Patriots. Even at a young age, I still vividly remember it all. Manning avoided the sack and David Tyree barely snagged the ball between his. Plaxico Burress with the fade in the end zone for the go-ahead score. The final drive solidifying the Giants victory and cementing Eli as a New York legend. The repeat a few seasons later was just as sweet, too.

In a few years, I can't wait to see the same sea of blue present at Canton for Manning's enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. There should be no discussion or no doubts on his nomination. But for now, thank you, No. 10.



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