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The best goal of the PLL Championship Series came from Archers LC's Marcus Holman

Who doesn't love a good BTB goal? See the score that put the PLL on ESPN's Top Ten plays.

I'm not going to bury the lede here - this may have been the best goal I have seen, or announced, in my lifetime.

#3 Chrome and #2 Archers were playing for a spot in the title game of the PLL Championship Series, their new product featuring "sixes" style of lacrosse. Chrome, who had lost an overtime game to Archers earlier in the week, got off to a great start, and held the lead over Archers for most of the game.

With time running out and Archers chasing three, they had to get creative. A turnover forced a ground ball, which Jared Conners scooped up and turned into a 3-on-1 rush that favored Archers. He tripped in the process, salvaging the possession with a quick feed to Jeff Trainor. Then came the behind-the-back pass to the unmarked Marcus Holman, who pulled off one of the most energizing spectacles in the sport - the behind-the-back goal.

Sean Sconone, the Chrome goaltender, had no choice but to try to make a play on Holman. Unfortunately for him, Holman's accuracy was no match for an open net.


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