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The Bronx Tales: Don't mess with Gerrit Cole

You wanna play games?! Then get ready for a fast one over your head and an absolute heater down the pipe. It was the 7th inning of a 3-1 game, and Mariner's Jose Caballero was dancing around the box and tossing his bat. Cole, who was cruising at this point was frustrated by his antics, gave him a warning signal, followed by an absolute missile on a swing and a miss. The stare down and the shake make this moment absolute gold.

Gerrit Cole continues to be the Ace that the Yankees needed. He has anchored the starting rotation and has been the most consistent player on this 2023 squad. He ranks amongst all MLB starters 1st in innings pitched (99), 4th in wins (8), 5th in strikeouts (106), 6th in ERA (2.64), and 10th in opposing average (.213).

Next time you want to mess with the Cole-Train, you should really think about your decision...

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