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The Bronx Tales: He's back baby! Anthony Rizzo agrees to a multi-year deal. Cubs and Astros fan sad!

It was never the qualifying offer, it was always the multi-year contract. The Italian Stallion, Anthony Rizzo, remains a New York Yankee!

It was a no brainer move. First off, who was a better first baseman on the market? Josh Bell was the only other option worth considering, but he's no Anthony Rizzo. Brandon Belt and Jose Abreau are on the older side. Trey Mancini isn't an everyday starter in the field. Minor leaguers of the teams past in Greg Bird and Mike Ford? Absolutely not. Secondly, the Astros wanted him, he was their main target per sources.

The Yankees could not have let that happened...

Rizzo is the epitome of a perfect Yankee. Stellar defense, World Series pedigree and postseason producer, a powerful lefty bat, and a strong vocal leader. It's a perfect contract for both sides. Rizzo gets the money, he gets the years, and the Yankees solidify the first base position. $17 million each of the next two years, plus a $6 million buyout on a 2025 option. Perfection.

I knew when they traded for him, and then re-signed him, Rizzo was here for the long haul. You don't acquire a guy like that without keeping him for a World Series run.

Now things get even more interesting. Because if Judge was leaving, the writing was in the wall that Rizzo was going to follow suit. They are thick as thieves, and truly great friends. I mean, JIZZO right? Rizzo has grown very close with Aaron Judge over the last two years. They are boys!

It's a great first step for the Yankees organization. No games this offseason, and Hal/Cash understand that. Now, start making some more moves, sign Judge to the blank check, and slap a C on his jersey. Start spreading the news!

More to come...


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