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The Bronx Tales: Rain Delays, Mother's Day Double Header, & Nestor's almost No-No leads to 20th win.


It seems that the Yankees are having fun? But I thought people didn't like playing in New York? Yeah, that's why Anthony Rizzo wanted to return, but I digress.

The Bombers have been cooking this season, sitting pretty at the top of all standings and statistics. The next challenger in their path was the Texas Ranger, a team that is in one day rebuilding and the next day contending? They spent a whopping half a billion on their middle infield, but the remainder of their team is a question mark. I was looking forward to this series because the Rangers have become a trade partner of recent to the Yanks. Gallo, IKF, and Trevino all were in Texas at some point, but now they shine in New York.

As the games were about to begin, I thought my notifications were turned off on Friday, and later Saturday. No lineups or alerts. What gives? It was sunny in Rhode Island, but the Bronx? Not so much. New York decided to literally rain on the parade, and two games were pushed after a night off.

After three days of no play, finally, some baseball! I always love a good Mother's Day game. The messages the players share to their Mom's, the pink bats and hat logos, and usually the warm spring weather, all of it.

The first game was underway in the midst of Mother's Day brunch.

It was a cold one in the Bronx but a Cole one on the mound. The ace was back in to his fierce form, which is nice to see. Allowing a run and five hits in 6 1/3 innings, he struck out 10, walked one and threw a season-high 114 pitches, reaching 100.6 mph.

Cole is a competitor and a gamer, he even tried to tell Boone to keep him in. It was the most pitches he's thrown since September 1st, and the most thrown by any starter in the majors this season. After a rocky start, Cole is back leading from the top.

The bats were a little to quiet for my liking, but Big G got things started with an RBI double in 6th. It wasn't until little G closed it out in the bottom of the 9th to secure the win.

His seven walk-off hits are most in the majors since 2018. Having a proven 2x All-Star young stud in part of the mix makes the Yankees even more so dangerous.

As we rejoiced for the homer and the win, a certain someone was a tad salty.

Honestly, go kick rocks Chris Woodward. He was the same guy who cried when Tatis Jr. hit a grand slam against him on a a 3-0 count.

Gleyber's 369-foot home run that traveled at 106.5 MPH. According to the stats, it would have been a home run at 26 of 30 MLB parks. Go play in traffic, nerd.

Moments after this joke of a presser, game 2 started. A familar name was on the mound for the Rangers, as Glenn Otto was the starter. He was a prospect in the Yankees farm system, who made his way to Texas through the Gallo trade.

He pitched five pretty solid innings, but the one blemish was 461-foot drive by Stanton. Monty had a solid outing, with 5K's but 2 earned runs. Mike King came in at relief, having last given up a run on April 11th. 14 1/3 consecutive innings. Alas, it hot streak came to a close in this one.

4-2 loss, just an average one. Onto the next.

The Monday afternoon finale was one that I was not expecting. First off, Michael Kay chose violence.

Afternoon weekday games aren't my favorite to watch, because of the whole work thing you know? But I had it on the side, tuning into the broadcast in between meetings.

The bats on both sides were quiet, but the loudest player in the room was quickly throwing a no hitter.

This guy...

He dazzled against the Rangers, carrying a no-hitter into the 8th inning and struck out 11 in the win.

After he was pulled, it was up to the offense to get the job done. Who but Anthony Rizzo, who doubled into center, scoring Judge in the bottom of the 8th. Chapman came in clutch and closed it for his 7th save of the season.

Nestor is the 1st pitcher in Yankees history with at least 40 K and 6 runs or fewer allowed in his first 6 games of the season.

Nasty Nestor is going to fuck around and win the CY Young huh? At least an All-Star nod, with his stats. 4th in ERA (1.41) and T-6th in Strikeouts (42). He is no number five starter.

And just like that, the Yankees have won six straight series and 20 wins on the season, boasting the best record in the American League and second best in all of baseball. The offense was a little slow this series, but the pitching made up for it. Next up, they're back against the Blue Jays for a major mini-series.


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