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The Bronx Tales: Turning the corner, all thanks to Aaron Judge, but injuries are about to test team.


Don't look now, but the Yankees are back? I mean injured and depleted, but they just strong together a nice little win stretch. It would have been five in a row, but let's not talk about last nights loss, (thanks Larry).

But 4 out of the last 5 is just what the Doctor called for. The youth movement has injected new life in this team. Oswald Peraza is a major upgrade in the infield, and has provided a nice little clutch bat. While Oswaldo Cabrera is a legitimate gold glove future winner at multiple positions.

I am dreaming of a lineup next season of 1B Rizzo, 2B Peraza, SS Volpe, 3B DJLM, RF Cabrera, CF Judge, LF Benintendi. But let's focus on this season, and one of the main reasons why the Yankees are where they are today. The MVP, Aaron Judge. His is on an absolute tear, I mean look at is last 7 games. Judge is batting .435, are you kidding me?

We are witnessing history. Judge isn't chasing Maris for the Home Run title, he's chasing Bonds at this point. And anybody who thinks he isn't the MVP can go kick rocks. He truly has put the team on his back, especially during these troubling times. If you look at the lineup, you would think it's a spring training card or a throwaway game. It is quite alarming.

Earlier this season, the Yankees looked unstoppable, but they also were completely healthy. It's the same story every freaking season with this franchise, because the current IL list is gut wrenching.

And that doesn't include losing Donaldson for a couple of days (Paternity Leave, congrats on the Sex), and Giancarlo Stanton does not look healthy. 5 everyday players, an entire bullpen, and a top end starter all out. How can you recover from this?

I guess to looking forward, and more in a positive matter, we can all agree that IKF belongs at third base. One, he's actually a gold glover at that position, and secondly, the fact that he has two homers since making the switch after having one all season proves the nerves he has had filling the void. It literally is Gleyber Torres all over again.

Looking more forward, here is what my potential playoff lineups look like, that is if everyone is healthy come end of the month (fingers crossed).

  1. Benintendi / Carpenter- LF (whoever comes back first)

  2. Judge - CF

  3. Rizzo - 1B

  4. Stanton - DH

  5. LeMahieu - 2B

  6. Cabrera - RF

  7. Kiner-Falefa - 3B

  8. Peraza - SS

  9. Trevino - C

Bench: Higgy, Bater, Cabrera, Hicks, Donaldson

One game at a time. When the going get's tough, you slap a must-win AL East showdown against the Rays at home with The Captain in the building. Every game and series are must win at this point. The lead is a mere 4.5 games, and the roster is depleted. God help us.


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