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The Craft Beer was flowing this summer. Here's what was on tap for Summer 2021.

People always say the Tuesday after Labor Day Weekend is one of the WORST days, because it represents the start of school and the conclusion of summer. It's the ultimate hangover feeling. However, I keep the optimism until today unfortunately, September 21st, which is the actual last day of summer. It is now officially over.

Don't get me wrong, I love the fall. Autumn leaves, hoodie szn, football, apple cider donuts, pumpkin beer, I love it all.

This summer has been a low-key one (thanks Covid), but a memorable fun. A lot of great interviews on the podcast, a lot of small little mini-trips, great times with friends, and of course... some high-quality beer. According to Untappd, I've rated about new 145 beers this summer. That doesn't include all the repeats and such. Holy crap lol. I am in no way about to drop 145 reviews, so here's the best beers I've had from each state and. what's been on tap for me. Cheers.


Rhode Island

  • Sense of Place

  • Sour - Fruited, 5.6%

  • Buttonwoods Brewery (Cranston, RI)

  • Rating: 4.25/5

Long Live, Apponaug, Newport, and Narragansett are your Mt. Rushmore, but I wanted to highlight this gem from Buttonwoods. We spoke with Morgan Snyder, the owner and brewer, who shared the story of this farmhouse inspired fruit beer. It's made from fresh peaches and the artwork was design by his mother. It was actually one of the best beers I had this summer in my opinion and would highly recommend.

New York

  • Summer Ale

  • Blonde Ale, 5.6%

  • Montauk Brewing Company (Montauk, NY)

  • Rating: 3.75/5

I don't love lighter beers, but I always love a good Montauk Summer. The ale is just the right amount of wheat and it is the go-to summer beer of Long Island. Bold, refreshing, crisp, clean, this is the beer you bring to the beach.


  • Daily Serving: Blackberry & Raspberry

  • Sour - Fruited Berliner Weisse, 4.5%

  • Trillium Brewing Company (Canton, MA)

  • Rating: 4/5

Massachusetts was filled with NEIPA and doubles, and even triples! But I wanted to share some variety. That's called ~ growth ~. Trillium is obviously top of the line, but I was very impressed by this sour. Truly, it wasn't that sour at all, and more a perfect blend of sweetness. Once you crack the can, the aromas of raspberry preserves and blackberry highlights is phenomenal. It's soft and melts right in your mouth, like berry dummies. Not too tart, bold colors, and refreshing.


  • Feelin' Juicy

  • NEIPA, 6.2%

  • Dockside Brewery (Milford, CT)

  • Rating: 4/5

A classic hazy and juicy New England IPA. The waterside venue was great, but the beer was even better. Super mellow on the hops, but full of some tropical flavor, I was a fan of this Citra and Sabro IPA.

North Carolina

  • Pink Lemonade Session Sour Ale

  • Sour - Fruited, 4.2%

  • Hi-Wire Brewing (Asheville, NC)

  • Rating: 3.75/5

Pink Lemonade was to go-to as a kid, in beer form is just flat out awesome. This ale was super crushable and very very refreshing. I loved the sweet and zesty combo that was present from the raspberry and lemon peels.


  • Little Sip

  • IPA, 6.2%

  • Lawson's Finest Liquids (Waitsfield, VT)

  • Rating: 4/5

The little cousin of the famous "Sip of Sunshine", but filled with all the same fruit flavors and bright floral aromas. This beer has notes of grapefruit and pineapple, but very balanced and complimentary to the pallet. I really enjoyed this beer, especially it's tropical hoppy flavors.


  • Xerion Matrix

  • NEIPA, 6%

  • Collusion Tap Works (York, PA)

  • Rating: 4/5

We have a Pennsylvania brewery dominating the NEIPA market at the moment. The simcoe/citra IPA is the real deal. Brewed with a ton of oats and some top tier hops, this crushable IPA packs a nice punch but tastes so smooth and pure. I was thoroughly impressed by this beer and happy it was the last one I had of Summer 2021.


Summers over, but that's okay... we're onto Oktoberfest's and Pumpkin Beers, and of course, Stouts!


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