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The House Enterprise Fantasy League Recap, Week 3 - Presented by PlayAction Pools.

What a weekend for kickers, what a weekend for covering the spread. Hebert and the Chargers just zapped the Chiefs to 1-2. Legatron Justin Tucker played spoiler to the Lions comeback and Megatron homecoming. The rookie quarterbacks have struggled while the Raiders and Broncos are opening eyes. Week 3 in the books and let's check how the House faired.


Top Performers

  • QB: Josh Allen (BUF) - 358 yards 4TD. 9 yards rushing, 1 TD| 37.22 points

  • RB: Najee Harris (PIT) - 40 yards rushing. 14 rec. 102 yards | 28.2 points

  • WR: Mike Williams (LAC) - 7 rec. 122 yards 2 TD, 1 2PT | 33.2 points

  • TE: Dalton Shultz (DAL) - 6 rec. 80 yards 2 TD | 26 points

  • D/ST: Broncos- 5 sacks, 2 INT, 0 PA | 19 points

  • K: Chase McLaughlin (CLE) - 2 PAT, 4 FG | 18 points

If you had this team = 161.62 points


Fantasy Football Standings

The auto-draft kid, Ford Klier, remains undefeated, while Jordan and James are emulating the New York football teams, starting the season 0-3.


PlayAction Pools Pick 'Em Standings

1st: Jack Dunne | 36 Points

2nd: Jordan Laube | 34 Points

3rd: Zach Mastrianni | 33 Points

T- 4th: Chris Hanold | 32 Points

T-4th: Eddy Szalan | 32 Points

T-4th: Sam Basel | 32 Points

T-5th: Will Tondo| 28 Points

T-5th: Ben Allen | 28 Points

6th: James Mas | 27 Points

7th: Jake Zimmer | 26 Points

8th: Ford Klier | 16 Points


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