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The Metropolitan Poll Season 2, Volume 9: Iona Takes on a Tough SLU Team

Photo: Newsbreak

Happy Monday! 9 Weeks into the College Basketball season, and our poll is really beginning to separate the winners from the losers. Luckily, the nine teams in our poll are generally a lot better than they were last year, with just three schools currently with an overall losing record. Let's check out this week's poll, and see how this past week affected our voters' decisions.

The Metro Poll, Week 9


Just like last week, we're really starting to see some separation in this poll between the top contenders and the bottom feeders, although the contenders group has been much, much larger than it was last year.

In terms of games this weekend that affected the poll, I have to give major props to Iona even though they lost to Saint Louis. Scheduling that game was a win-win for both schools. For Saint Louis, it was a chance to make up for a cancelled game and get some playing time against a team that's bound for the tournament this year. For Iona, it's the chance to get way out of your comfort zone, play a team outside of your region, and get some serious prep time in for the tournament. Rick Pitino clearly understands what it takes to build a consistent tournament team, and the decision to schedule Saint Louis is emblematic of that.


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