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The Metropolitan Poll Vol. 12: Wagner Keeps on Rising

We're almost there, folks. Just a few more weeks for our Metro Teams to show us what they got before heading into conference tournament play. Let's get right into this week's Metro Poll.

The Metropolitan Poll, Week 12

Poll Reaction

Last week, I talked about how Wagner had a lot of work to do to clinch an NEC Tournament spot due to only four teams being invited this year. Since then, they've extended their win streak to nine games to take the top spot in the conference. Their last two games of the season are against CCSU, so I think they could win out all the way to the conference championship game. LIU is just barely holding on to a playoff spot in what's turned out to be a very exciting finish unique to this season. While a limited conference tournament might not produce the most upsets, it may be a catalyst for some very interesting moves in the future.

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