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The Metropolitan Poll Vol. 8: St. John's Pulls Ahead After a Solid Week

As we move closer and closer to the end of the regular season, our Metropolitan teams still have some time to surprise us. As many teams in the poll continue to remain on hiatus due to the pandemic, or keep losing, St. John's was able to have a solid week and pull ahead to the top spot of our poll this week. Before we get into why, let's check out this week's edition of the Metropolitan Poll.

The Metropolitan Poll Week 8


The biggest outlier in this week's poll is St. John's reclaiming the top spot. They've been pretty neck and neck with Iona all season, but the week they've had to get themselves back up to number one has been remarkable. Taking down number 23 UCONN on Monday, the Johnnies rekindled the flames of this classic Big East rivalry by taking down the Huskies in a 74-70 thriller. Reaching deep into their roster, plenty of bench players for the Red Storm were able to pick up the slack of stars that had a tough time from the field. Marcellus Earlington had a career night against the Huskies, dropping 15 points to go along with 5 rebounds. The Johnnies followed it up with another win against Utah Valley on Saturday, blowing them out 96-78 led by 25 points from Posh Alexander. Despite the rough start to conference play, currently at 3-6 in the Big East, St. John's has all the makings of a team that can make some noise in the NIT.

Check back later this week, where I break down each Metro team's trajectory for the end of the season.


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