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The morning after the National Championship game

Congrats to UGA, I guess. I'm personally pretty neutral to UGA winning. However, as a TCU +14 bettor I am sick to my stomach. Maybe my worst bet of all time, but again congrats to UGA. Their QB is 33 years old and will be selling used car parts in 5 years, so I just want to let them enjoy this.

After having the night to process this game, I'm still in utter shock about the score. It was 10-7 in the 1st quarter and I really thought TCU had a chance. I tweeted this, and then UGA went on to score 55 straight points.

This was beyond a clowning and beyond a s**t pumping. We need to have a new category for what we watched last night. UGA was eating dinner during the 3rd quarter and laughing at anyone who bet TCU +14. To be fair, the Sofi stadium level floor slaps, but this felt like a knife to my chest as a TCU bettor.

I'm already counting down the days until Week 0 in August. There is truly nothing better than college football. My one big early prediction for next year is that Alabama will be back in the natty. One could argue that maybe they belonged in the CFP, but that is all said and done now.

Alabama has the number 1 recruiting class in the class of 2023 and I think Nick Saban will be coming back with vengeance to show that he still runs the show.

I also want to talk about USC briefly. I am still not recovered from the Cotton Bowl and USC needs to fire their defensive coordinator ASAP. No further comments at this time.

Now it's time to get into CBB!

Until week 0!


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