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The Ohio State did me dirty. 12th ranked Oregon takes down 3rd ranked OSU, killing my +2949 parlay

O-H-I… oh no

No. 12 Oregon took down No. 3 Ohio State 35-28 in Ohio Stadium. They never led the game despite being 14.5 point favorites. Just a brutal loss with inexcusable defense.

Growing up a good family friend of ours were OSU alumni and huge Buckeye fans. I respected the tradition and always bet on Ohio State. Urban Myer bred winners and the Buckeyes were almost always a lock. They carried the Big Ten.

I had a couple of bullets to spare before the first football Sunday and wanted to go a little crazy. And I get it. It was a +2949 parlay, but 3rd ranked Ohio State was my lock… Ryan O’Day has won 23 straight regular-season games and this is the day they decide to blow it? It was their first home loss since 2017 as Oregon made a statement. This was just a good ole fashion Bad Beat.

Parlays are a risky business. High risk, but a high ass reward. When Ohio State lost, it was out of sight out of mind. When looking at my book tonight I saw the parlay legs all hit, except THE OHIO STATE. What the fuck man. I hate to say it, but they have fallen off my trust tree this college football season. This loss stank but it’s a long season. On the Mr. Brightside, I ended the evening going 17-7-1

  • Virginia/Illinois Over 56 -PUSH

  • Virginia ML

  • Army -6.5 X

  • Army ML

  • Auburn -49

  • Georgia Tech -19

  • Ohio State/Oregon Under 63.5

  • Tennessee +3.5 X

  • South Carolina -2

  • Michigan State -27

  • Florida -28 X

  • Virginia Tech -20

  • Rutgers -2

  • Georgia -22.5

  • Alabama-55 X

  • Navy/Air Force Under 40.5

  • Penn State -22

  • Boston College -37 X

  • Buffalo/Nebraska Over 54.5 X

  • Nebraska -13.5

  • Purdue -34.5

  • Notre Dame -17 X

  • Michigan ML

  • Bryant ML

  • Bryant/SHU Under 43.5

On to next week, I guess...


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