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  1. Notre Dame. They are horrendous. Only reason they won this game was because they had the zebras on their side. And they didn’t even cover the -12.

  2. Kansas State - Losing to Tulane at home as a 14 point favorite is embarrassing. Tulane might be good but you can’t put up 10 feeble points at home. Embarrassing

  3. Michigan State - Y’all made Michael Penix look like a Heisman candidate. Tuck coming…..home with a huge L before conference play kicks off. However, on the other side, Washington you can’t storm the field as a 3.5 point favorite. We must stop the field storming as favorites

  4. Florida/AR15 - Florida is not good and AR15 hasn’t thrown a passing TD yet and its been three weeks. He has more tackles (2) than touchdown passes this year. Will be interesting to see what they do against Tennessee but looking like they will get smacked.

  5. Houston - Y’all are so bad that you let Kansas beat you at home as a 9 point favorite. Kansas destroyed them and now they are fighting on the sidelines against each other. Horrible team.

  6. Spencer Rattler - Not much to say except you are trash.


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