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Will the Dutton's survive this? Yellowstone season four returns tonight!

THE WAIT IS OVER! One of my favorite shows of all time returns tonight and I couldn't be more pumped.


The last time we watched, the Dutton family fell into absolute turmoil. John Dutton was shot point blank by some punks in a van, while he was helping a mother and her son with their flat tire. Kayce's office was stormed by shooters as well. Beth's office as well was in peril, when an apparent bomb blew up from a random package. Rip was trying to contact anyone and Jamie told him to take a hike. It was one of the biggest cliff hangers ever seen and I am dying to know who's alive and who's responsible for this.

I mean, they all have to live, right?

Which one of the protagonists is responsible for these murder attempts? Roarke Morris, the hedge fund manager who leads the next wave of billionaires in Montana, has been battling Beth for weeks in season three. He and alongside Willa Hayes could be the biggest culprits. Angela Blue Thunder was hired by Chief Rainwater to help the people of Broken Rock. She eluded to play dirty to get what they want, but would they try to hurt the mutual partners in the Duttons? Garrett Randall, who is revealed to be Jamie's biological father, was feeding conspiracy's and hatred to the Dutton son, who whistle-blew his family's secrets and has continued to undermine his father.

Two hours tonight and eight weeks, let's get ready to roll!


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