Words of Wisdom, with Corey Nobile and Nick Oliveri (Co-Founders of Impact Snacks)

Sharing their words of wisdom, we have two bright young entrepreneurs with the goal of making consumers sustainable and revolutionizing the way we create, package, and eat food. Corey Nobile and Nick Oliveri are childhood friends who became business partners while in High School and during their time at Bryant University. The duo founded Impact Snacks in 2016 (originally GeoProtein) when they were in high school and their mission was to create a snack that is equally as good for people as it is for the planet.

Photo: Live Kindly / Impact Snacks

Impact Snacks is a delicious, plant-based superfood snack featuring home compostable packaging and a carbon negative supply chain. We spoke with Corey and Nick on Episode 28 of "Beers, Business, and Balls", where they shared their story, the creation and evolution of Impact Snacks, and why people should turn their attention to a sustainable future.

Photo: Kickstarter

Here are the words of wisdom from Nick and Corey!

Nick - "Do what makes you happy. Everything else will fall into place. There is a lot of technical advice, great techniques for pitching an idea, and tips on networking, but do what makes you happy though, because you will learn those things if and when you have to."

Corey - "If you have an idea or business you want to start, get an awesome team around you. Having a great idea, or being smart and component is a small piece of having a successful business. All of the conversations I have had with advisors and investors, it is really all about organizing a group of people around you with a common goal and mission. Even the smartest, most hardworking, and component individual won't be able to do it all alone. Be grateful for the people who are taking energy out of their waking hours to further your mission. Make sure to take care of them so the greater the output they can provide."

Follow along with Impact Snacks journey and be on the right side of history, order yours today!