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NQATT: 25 Days of Takemas - Top Five Emoji's. December 1st.

25 Days till Christmas, so might as well fire back up the old take machine and give you 25 Days of Takemas, brought to you by No Questions At This Time. Gotta start off with a bang and give you my top five emoji's.

Now, I'll be honest, I am pretty standard with my emoji's, I don't use many, but the ones I do are the elite bunch. There are hundreds in the library, but hundreds are useless. So without further ado, here's my list. NQATT...


Honorable Mention - The Italian

Where's the freaking, gabagool?! The Italian symbol for respect. I only use it when I talk about Anthony Rizzo, so next year, hopefully it can crack the top 5.

5. The Salute

Just over a year old, the Salute emoji has made it's way to the top 5. A tip of the cap, a perfect gesture of GG's, TYFYS, Good Work, etc. I use this one daily, and so should you.

4. Red Heart

A universal symbol for love. You can throw this to anyone. Loved ones, significant others, your homies, the red heart is as neutral as it gets.I love throwing in a "No Red Heart" from time to time, but the classic symbol must be included in the list.

3. Peep Eyes

The eyes. Are you shocked? Stunned? Excited? Hyped? Or just noising around. You can throw these eyes in any situation

2. Fire

Absolute fire, literally. An easy response to anything you like.

1. The Classic Handshake

Top 2 and not 2. Friday Beers made it popular and it has become the ultimate sign of respect. You agree on things, you make up, you make plans, anything, the handshake emoji is the emoji of the decade, and you can't tell me otherwise.


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