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1,000th UnTappd Beer Review: One Love Brewery

If you know me, you know I am an absolute sucker for craft beer. I consider myself a connoisseur at this point and will try and brew that passes in front of me. After a few years, beginning the journey of homebrewing, starting a podcast and blog revolved around craft beer, and trying craft beer around the world, I have officially logged one thousand beers on UnTappd. It may be a staggering number, a sick one too many, but to me, it is a pretty cool accomplishment.

If you have been listening to the show, when 2021 began I was on the tail end of the milestone. It took a bit longer than expected, but after a trip to New Hampshire and stopping at a few breweries and the New Hampshire Liquor distributor, the dream became a reality. The 1,000 honor is bestowed on One Love Brewery.

Located in Lincoln, New Hampshire, One Love Brewery is known for its German beer and lively atmosphere. Nestled in the ski town, One Love had an impressive menu and a good variety of beers on tap. The beer that earned the nod was their Marzen Festival. A smooth and tasteful German-style beer, this pour brought me back to Oktoberfest where I first logged in a beer on UnTappd. Marzen was a refreshing red ale for the crisp New Hampshire weather and it brought hints of caramel and was rich in malty smell and taste. It had a bready aroma, and I imagine would pair well with a hot pretzel. For me, I gave it a solid 3.75, a respectable score for a German-style brewed in the states.


The journey on UnTappd for me began back in 2018, where I found my taste for craft beer. I signed up for the app a year prior, but never really used it. In the fall of '17, I studied abroad in Spain and logged different European beers highlighted by Cruzcampo Pilsners in Sevilla and the OG Hofbrau in the beer halls of Munich. When I came home and turned 21, a group of college friends began "Brewery Friday's", where we trekked across all of New England and crushed flights of beer samplers before a weekend at school. My first brewery on these trips was Long Live, which is my absolute favorite in Providence, RI. Over the next few years, I had the chance to try some of the best IPA's and Stouts, break bread with brewers, sample dozens of beers at festivals, and even interview the founder of UnTappd, Greg Avola.

Now that I have 1,000 unique beers under my belt, my goal is to take craft beer reviews to the next level. With there being so many different options and varieties in alcoholic beverages, I would love to be able to showcase the beautiful art of craft beer. A goal of mine too is to highlight the small breweries and help support the Drink Local movements. As COVID restrictions lighten up, my plan is to visit more breweries and alehouses and have formal sitdown reviews with the owners and breweries, similar to what we did with Nichole Pelletier at Crooked Current. As for now, in 2021 and beyond, plan on seeing more video content and written reviews. The craft beer market is lacking marketing opportunities, and I hope to be able to shine some light on the fabulous craft beers around our local area and the country. Thank you for joining me along this journey and cheers to the next 1,000 beers.


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