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2024, The Year of Eras Ending?

This week was one of those moments that anybody in their twenties or thirties might feel old and nostalgic. As millennials or Gen-Zers always complain about "boomers" log jamming respective industries, change like this truly hits you weirdly. I am not a die-hard fan of any of these guys or their respective organizations (except Tiger really), but seeing these chapters close kind of feels weird?

I don't know the purpose of this blog. Kind of a word dump on the weird-fan emotions you get when you see these changes being made.

Love or hate these guys, you have to respect all of their success. Saban and Belichick are truly GOAT's of their crafts, and staples of dynasty's. There will truly never be coaches like that ever again. Pete Carrol was the perfect coach to make the jump into the NFL, and he brought relevancy and a Super Bowl to Seattle. Tiger and Nike is the reason why we wear red on Sundays.

Who knows where Tiger goes, or what the Seahawks do, or what Nick Saban will do during retirement, or what's next for Bill, but I guess that's just part of the journey.


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