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A last minute deal sends Jordan Montgomery to St. Louis?

Coming off the heater the Yanks were on yesterday, I wasn't sure if any additional moves were going to happen. They checked all the boxes and then shipped off Gallo, I was hoping for maybe one more move, but then this notification came in at the final moments.

I refreshed my timeline dozens of times. Disbelief.

Okay, Pablo Lopez from the Marlins has to be coming.

Okay, he's staying. It's gotta be Rodon from the Giants?


Reality settled in quickly. Jack Curry said that the Yankees were continually looking for staters, so my guess is that a deal fell through and this move happened too quickly. I could be flat out wrong, but that's the sense I am getting. It's just such a weird move to do, a true headscratcher.

He was an average Yankee, but he was a good Yankee. You knew what you got from the southpaw. He never had offensive support, but he held down the fort and pitch finely. It's sad to see him go, and even sadder to see his reaction.

This move puts a real damper on the whole deadline. It also changes the perspective on Cashman. Everyone felt like he did an A job. Now, it seems more like a B. Monty won't be the reason we lose a World Series, but it's just a

The Yankees didn't walk away empty handed, per say. They landed A young centerfielder who is known for his defense.

Harrison Bader is one of the best fielding centerfielders in baseball, coming off of a Gold Glove campaign in 2021. His offense isn't the bread winner here, but he's a career .246 hitter in his five seasons of big league play. He's got one more season of control, and could start in Center Field next year (what does that mean for Judge?). He at least fits the speed and defense trend the Yankees have been seeking.

However, he won't be back until September (hopefully). He's been on the IL since June with plantar fasciitis. The Cards had to include a PTBNL stipulation that they will send a minor-league player from an agreed upon list if Bader is not back from his foot injury this season, probably tied to playoffs. Or cash considerations. So really, what was the point of this move?

Back to Monty though, with his departure, he is what the rotation looks like.

  1. Cole

  2. Montas

  3. Cortes

  4. Severino (When off IL)

  5. Taillon

  6. German

  7. Schmidt

I guess it's a "crowded" rotation, but why get rid of a guy who's been consistent this season. Yeah, he's not a playoff starter, but an innings eater to say the least. I for one would put Clarke Schmidt over Domingo, but I am writing blogs not managing pitchers. I'm trying to not lose sleep on this one.

We will be seeing Monty in Cardinal Red soon, as he is slated to start against the Yankees on Friday.


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