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A lot of faces in the House Enterprise world, meet the content creators behind #TheHouseAlwaysWins

I've been holding onto this blog for a while, thinking of the best time to finish it up. This post marks my 300th on the website, and it comes on the week of Thanksgiving, which is quite fitting.

In honor of Thanksgiving occurring this week, there is a lot to be thankful for in the world of House Enterprise. This passion project was an idea in the making, and the spark that lit the match was the pandemic. Now, almost two years in the books, House Enterprise has evolved drastically. We've added more writers, more ways to indulge in our content, and expanded the brand through a team of incredible content creators. The ideology behind House Enterprise is three simple words.

Craft Beer. Content. Community.

We're brewing beer, creating content, and building a community. This vision wouldn't be here without the crew, and I am incredibly thankful for their efforts and dedication.

​What I love most about House Enterprise is the story of building this team. Everyone is connected from Zimmer and myself. Either through hometown connections (shoutout Southold and Fairfield County), Bryant University, corporate America, or Twitter. This happened organically, but it ties in perfectly with our name. House.

It starts with my Co-Founder and one of my best friends, Jake Zimmer. The broadcaster, the brewer, the co-host; he is the counterpart of this success story, and someone I am thankful to have begun this project with.

Although not a contributor in content (yet), my love Paige is a key helper in the House. She is a supporter to our brand, a voice of reason and honesty in what we make, and a perfect canvas to bounce ideas off of.

Chris Hanold is our Hockey Analyst and resident Bills/Mets/Rangers/Nets fan. He's the host of Yard Sale Celly and the expert in the NHL. By the books, he's employee number three and was one of the first ones to buy into our system. Shortly after, the team began to take shape. Sam Basel, the Host of Basel Daily, is a blog machine, pushing out content in College Hoops, NFL Gambling, and all things sports. Zach Mastrianni is our reality newshound and the expert in Bachelor Nation. He's showing that it's manly to watch the Bach and I've been hooked ever since. ClubFootJim is half Twitch streamer extraordinaire and half miserable Jets fan, but he is one of the best Twitter follows amongst the crew. Eddy Szalan, aka the Philly Special, gives us all the insight on dirty Birds and Jalen Hurts.

That core helped us get our feet off the ground and allowed us to get an understanding of how to manage a blog. From there, others followed suit. Our NFL guru, Jordan Laube, is our Cardinal writer and gives the most structured and analytically driven football reports online. Our youngest member, Om Brown, is a special young man, who came to us with passion and has produced some well written pieces on the Titans, Red Sox, and more. Jake Bastarache gave us UFC coverage and fight predictions. Cole Hughes recapped College Football week after week. Pedro Figueiredo is a storyteller through his travels across the US and photography. Andrew Steers-Sullivan is our Gunner in America, repping Arsenal to the max. Shane Zimmer is breaking down business for all to understand. Cam Jesson gave us pieces on the C's, Reed Heim with the Sox, and Kojo on business. Kris Savage highlighted the top beers from around the country through Basic Girl Brew Reviews.

From blogging to podcasting, we added two amazing ones in 2021 on top of our flagship "Beers, Business, and Balls". Jerod Magazine is the host of "Normal Guy, Lazy Eye", interviewing the faces found across social media, and hearing the most enticing stories from all kinds of people, different backgrounds, and all the different roads that have gotten them to where they are now. Kelsie Gagner and Kaily Iturrondo are the hosts of "Kill and Tell", share their passions in coffee and true crime in the coolest way possible.

We've also added some new faces recently. Josh Adams started with the Ravens coverage a la "The Crow's Nest", and has helped us add College Hoops Digest to our arsenal. He brought of Brian Wilmer, who covers Winthrop hoops and other national news. Coming soon, we'll have more CHD writers continuing the mission Josh started in 2012, "National Coverage and Local Writers". Liam Walker shares the top highlights in the NBA. Max Nottonson pens his thoughts as an influencer and the identity behind what that means. James Shine is the newest investing influencer, breaking down the market as "The Bullish Shark". And Nick Testi (SlizeGaming), is a walking highlight reel in Call of Duty Vanguard.

As we close out the year, we have begun to strategize our next ways to continue building the House. We have already established a group of writers covering different NFL teams across the country, and we hope to have more podcasts and video series revolving around these fandoms. You also may have seen some designs on the site. By the new year, we will launch our inaugural NIL platform for collegiate athletes, led by the efforts of Amanda Whitham. We'll also be adding new video series focusing on the wonders of the Ocean State. We're always looking to grow even more, and if you're interested, drop us a line and give us your pitch.

Although long winded, this 300th blog is just a small example of how big this House is. It's a letter to highlight what we have built, a platform to show off the individuals who make this brand go round, and a thank you to not only the team but to you, the reader. We appreciate every like, listen, and follow, and we can't wait to continue this journey. The best is yet to come, stay tuned, and remember;

The House Always Wins.

Will Tondo

Co-Founder of House Enterprise


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