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A major blow for the Yankees as Matt Carpenter his fractured his foot. I am sad.

Well shit...

Matt Carpenter fractures his foot off a foul ball and I'm gonna lose it. Things aren't looking good for the offense right now. No Stanton, no Rizzo, and now no Carpenter. I feel awful for the guy. He was putting together such an incredible season, and truly lit a spark on this Yankees team.

If this is the case, he'll be out 6-8 weeks, so he might be a postseason add, but who knows.

When things are bad, they are real bad. Losing Carpenter at this point of the season is just brutal. The magical mustached man provided some incredible moments. His line was a whopping .305 AVG, 15 HR, 37 RBI, 1.139 OPS. That is hard to replace.

The World Series DVD is going to be sick with you in it, thanks for an awesome season :`)

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