A tumultuous season filled with ups and downs, Aaron Judge has been the one constant for the Yankees

This season has been "A mOvIe". Actually, a nightmare? How about a combination of both. The expectations were lofty, the "win-now" window was closing in, the expectation that the Yankees were going to win was at an all-time high. Then the season started.

Sloppy play, inexcusable defense, lackluster offense, questionable calls by Aaron Boone, god awful pitching, and of course, "the next-man-up" call-ups. Their schedule was filled with abysmal losses and powerful wins. One day, I am on cloud-9, cheering that this team is World Series bound and boasts excitement for their impressive win streaks. The next day, I have agita. They lose, they can't hit, they make costly errors, they have no heart. I cringe when Andrew Heaney steps on the mound. I have no faith in Aroldis Chapman. I have mixed emotions about Gleybar Torres. I get worried about DJ LeMahieu's regression. But then I get happy again. They make exciting trades at the deadline, acquiring left-handed power stars in Gallo and Rizzo, creating the ultimate goal line package of units. How can you be disappointed?

Even with the mystique and excitement of the big fellas and the Bronx Bombers, the Yankees have been a wishy-washy team that has disheartened fans across the country and on social media. However, there has been a bright spot for this group.

The only constant of the season has been Aaron Judge. Sunday Night Baseball posted this graphic, and that's when it hit me... Aaron Judge has been putting the team on his back all season.

Aaron Judge is having one helluva a season. After today's win against the Twin, after hitting the game-tying 3-run home run, his season stats are as followed.

  • 33 HR's

  • 142 Hits

  • 76 Runs

  • 82 RBI's

  • .293 AVG

I don't know what the outcome will be in the next few weeks. The Yanks currently sit tied with the Red Sox in the second Wild Card spot, with the Rays running away with the division, and the Blue Jays surging at just the right time. The statement could be made though that the Yankees wouldn't be in a competitive position without the success of Judge.

It isn't a new discussion, but it should be a consideration come to this offseason. Judge is set to hit free agency in 2022. I am not part of the Yankees brass, but it makes no sense to have him walk. If they trade him, what would the haul be? Is that even worth it? On an old episode a while back, we spoke with notorious Yankee fan, Jack Jokinen (aka JJ From The Bronx), who is a vocal advocate of trading Judge. His interview starts at 16:50.

I couldn't disagree more with this take. Judge has given the Yankees everything and more. He is a baller. His defense and arm strength in the outfield are unparalleled. His bat and his home runs are larger than life. His poise and confidence with New York media are professional. He bleeds the pinstripes and is the definition of the Yankee way. I am tired of the narrative in which he "he can't stay healthy" or "he isn't clutch". All of that is fugazi and false. It is time to respect the name and appreciate the star. Sign this man to an extension and slap the captain's C on his chest. He is the epitome of a New York Yankee.