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Anthony Davis had the weirdest reaction to Lebron's record breaking point

LeBron James made history Tuesday night as he became the NBA's All-time leading scorer. I was up watching and have to admit the entire thing was pretty cool. I dislike LeBron and think his time with the Lakers has been nothing but failure, however last night as a sports fan was cool.

LeBron broke the record in the closing seconds of the third quarter with a fadeaway jump shot. There was a big celebration on the court and LeBron took the mic and thanked everyone and then dropped a F bomb on live TV. It was funny to me because they paused the game with 6 seconds left in the third quarter. They could have just played the 6 seconds and then had the big ceremony in between the quarters.

Everyone was pretty stoked except for one person, Anthony Davis. There is a viral video going around of Anthony Davis sitting down on the bench when the final shot went in. He doesn't cheer or clap, he just sits there with basically no reaction.

This whole video is so weird. I understand they are losing the game to the feeble Thunder, but this is a HUGE deal; it's your teammate breaking the craziest NBA record of all time that NO ONE thought would ever be broken.

Anthony Davis has always been a softie. Always Damaged or ADisney, whatever you want to call him. Dude has always been a softie. He also had a HORRIBLE night last night. 13 feeble points and the Lakers lost by 3 points. He seems kinda done with LA and the Lakers.

They had some good insight about the situation on Get Up this morning:


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