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Arson Judge was about to be Robinson Cano, but Aaron Judge decided to be Jeter. 9 Years, $360M.

$40M AAV and the rest of his career in the Bronx, Aaron Judge is staying put! Yesterday was the first time I was genuinely concerned he was out, and I was confused what the Plan B would be. But we don't have to worry about that anymore. Congrats to the Giants, you had Arson Judge for a cool 5 minutes yesterday, but today, us Yankee fans rejoice.

I don't care what people say about that the money, Aaron Judge is the face of baseball, and you can't tell me otherwise. It was always New York, it was always being in Pinstripes. Judge knew that he could be the next great Yankee, rather than fall into the shadows elsewhere.

Now, the next orders of business...

  • Tell Heyman to kick rocks

  • Slap the C on Judge's chest

  • Sign Rodon, and make other moves

  • Chase No. 28


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