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Bad news Yankee haters, Cashman woke up.

Patience was growing thin with the slow moving Yankees offseason plans. I penned a blog that Brian Cashman should "wake up" and well, he did just that. Days were going by, and the fear DJ LeMahieu leaving New York was becoming more of a reality. Baseball fans were praying for the team's demise.

Dodgers offered him 4 years, $60 million. The Blue Jays bumped it up to a reported $75 million. The Mets and Cardinals made some phone calls, but all of this was not enough to pry "The Machine" out of the Bronx. In the early hours of Friday morning, Jeff Passan blessed us with the exciting news.

A sigh a relief, DJ LeMahieu will be a Yankee for the rest of his career. What a bargain of deal as well. Reports were circulating that the Yanks weren't going to offer more than four years, and the same reports stated that DJLM demanded $100 million plus. Nobody should give a damn about the extra years, DJ is one of the best hitters the Yankees have had in recent years, and he is an important piece to a championship roster. This deal benefits both sides, as it gives DJ the security for years to come with a modest pay bump, and it also provides the Yanks with some financial flexibility.

Cashman wasted no time with this extra money. They swooped in and inked the former two-time CY-Young winner, Corey Kluber to a one year, $11 million dollar contract.

Here is where Cashman separates himself as one of the greats. The wheels are starting to kick with preliminary trade talks for starting pitchers Luis Castillo (Reds) and Joe Musgrove (Pirates). They also want to land another reliever in the coming days. Also rumors are swirling that the team is interested in Left Fielder, Michael Brantley. Oh boy, the Death Star is mobilizing.

On top of all that, none of the teams current stars headed to arbitration hearings, which was positive news that avoided unwanted drama. They settled with all the below players and they all received well deserving raises.

It was quite the Friday indeed for the Yankees. The work isn't done yet. Hopefully they can make those above moves, or at least bring back Tanaka and Gardy. Either way. the World Series is back on. Thank you, Cashman; thank you, Steinbrenner's!

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