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BBB Podcast: From Shelton to San Diego, the story of Matt Batten's rise to the big leagues.

While Matt Batten aspired to be a pro baseball player, many were still shocked to see him make his MLB debut in the summer of 2022. Now two years in to his MLB service, Batten put together a strong finish to his 2023 campaign as a utility infielder for the San Diego Padres. Matt joins the show to take us through his journey of youth baseball to the pros - from repping Shelton, Connecticut in the 2008 Little League World Series, to setting the all-time hits record at Quinnipiac University.

We discuss the grind of the minor leagues, playing for 7 different MiLB teams through 7 seasons, and finally earning the call to the bigs. We also discuss some of the advice and lessons learned from his teammates Manny Machado, Xander Bogaerts, and Juan Soto.


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