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Breakfast with the American's: The World Baseball Classic - Championship Run back on! Poor Canada.

Poooor Caaaaanaaaadaaaa! The US found their stride. Ohhhh Caaaaanaaadaaaa, it's time to go and hide. Team USA is, dare I say, back?

The US needed to come back from the loss they took from Mexico, and poor Mitch Bratt was on the other end. I feel bad for the kid. The 19 year old pitcher was faced with the daunting task of dueling against an All-Star lineup that just got their teeth kicked in. The poor soul pitched a third of an inning, giving up 3 hits, 6 earned runs, and 3 walks.

12 Runs in the second inning. In the first two innings alone, Team USA recorded six hits of 100+ mph, and eight players in the starting lineup had at least one hit. Sooooryy!

Lance Lynn was pitched like an ace last night. 5 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 6 K. STUD. Captain America Mike Trout homered, Tim Anderson had an RBI Triple, and Tre Turner solidified the win.

This was so needed, because the US controlled their own destiny. Now, on deck, the stars and stripes will take on Colombia at 10PM on March 15th. Win and they are in the quarterfinals.

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