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BREAKING NEWS: Cable has been reinvented. Comcast to Launch Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+ Bundle.

Well, well, well. Get ready to re-learn cable, because "bundles are back". Comcast is set to launch a three-way bundle - with Netflix, and Peacockand Apple TV+. Comcast Chief, Brian Roberts, stated that it would be offered at a deep discount, thus bringing us back to the past.

In its current capacity, you're looking at a monthly burn of $22.97 before tax on standard plans or $54.93 for deluxe versions. The breakdowns are below, so I am curious how cheap Comcast will price this.

  • Netflix: Standard With Ads ($6.99 p/m), Standard ($15.49 p/m), Premium ($22.99 p/m), and Additional Slots ($7.99 each p/m)

  • Peacock: Premium ($5.99 p/m) or Premium Plus ($11.99 p/m)

  • Apple TV+: Standard ($9.99 p/m) or ONE ($19.95 p/m)


It's not the first bundle news announced this year. Last week, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery announced another three-way bundle with Hulu, Disney+, and MAX (HBO).

This is all fine and good, hopefully, I can save a few bucks because my stream bill is "too damn high". But if they ever make an NFL bundle, then we can talk shop.

It's crazy how this happened. We were convinced to cut our chords, and then forced to pay obscene prices to get all of the content. Now, we are back to grouping everything, and we will then in a few years select things 'a la carte' because streaming will be too expensive.


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