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Breaking News: LeBron isn't retiring (which we already knew).

Year 21 incoming...

For everyone who hates LeBron, you have to admit, he is a true business man. On a slow Wednesday night in the summer, how do you get the world to make you a headline? You say you aren't retiring.

Obviously when that day happens, the landscape of the sport is going to shift, and we aren't going to appreciate the greatness of LBJ until he's gone. The only thing is, we knew he wasn't going to retire.

James has mentioned his desire to play with his son in the NBA repeatedly throughout the years, especially as Bronny began to rise in prospect rankings during his senior year at Sierra Canyon. Bronny is now committed to USC, and is already making buzz in 2024 NBA Mock Drafts.

At the end of the day, next season, will probably be his last, but we already knew LeBron was going to stick around until he and Bronny become the first NBA father-son duo.

Well played, LeBron, well played.

Anyway, here are some LeCoach highlights.


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