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Brock Nelson > Artemi Panarin?

Remember when Panarin took less money to be a Ranger. Shame on him, but it doesn't matter because years later, big cock Brock just showed him who's superior.

Brock Nelson knocked off Artemi Panarin in the Accuracy Shooting semifinal, and then won the whole damn thing. He took down Connor McDavid and Nazem Kadri in the whole competition, so it's safe to say, that's a pretty badass accomplishment. He is the second Islander to win the Accuracy Shooting competition after John Tavares won it in 2016, making him even more loveable amongst Islander fans.

But back to the basis of this blog. I know the Islanders are on the outside looking in right now, but I'd rather have Brock and Panarin. I might just be stirring the pot with Hanold right now, and he'll probably say that "they're different positions, the All-Star game doesn't matter, I'm a hockey causal", blah blah blah. I'll just leave this here...

Photo: Rotowire Comparison

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