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Browns star receiver, OBJ, now a "Number Two" guy?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

The weekday after any three-day weekend can be described as the ultimate “Sunday Scaries”. After the year we are having, this Tuesday morning post-Labor Day is no different. It may have been the excessive drinking to cope with the global pandemic and social unjust that causes anxiety to settle in, but this anxious feeling might have been created after a certain NFL star began showing up on twitter.

The NFL season kicks off this week, and OBJ began trending this morning, for the wrong reasons. You would think it would be a video of him making a sick one-handed catch, or maybe a preview on how the season will look for Cleveland. Well, baby…. We were wrong.

Photo: Drake "Laugh Now, Cry Later" Music Video

On an Episode Three of “Thots Next Door”, presented by No Jumper, Chief Keef’s baby mama, Slim Danger, revealed some unsettling news about the Browns Receiver. Words on a blog won’t be able to describe the weird fetish, so listen to the clip yourselves.

I mean WHATTT. We are in the middle of a God Damn pandemic and he is wanting this shit, literally?! It could all be a fabricated rumor and a publicity stunt, but this podcast is no stranger to dropping some controversial news about A-list stars and athletes. A few weeks earlier, the podcast host, Celina Powell, dropped the news that several Suns players including Devin Booker had an orgy with her friend and Co-Host Aliza. Powell was also in the news regarding her sexual relationships with Snoop Dog and 6ix9ine.


What a way to head into the first week of the NFL. The Browns play the Ravens this week in Baltimore. The Ravens are -360 on the money line and -7.5 on the spread. I’d probably hammer those odds. For those starting fantasy football teams this week and plan on drafting Odell, here are some team names that may just stick.

· Two girls, one OBJ?

· OBJ – WR Number Two

· The Cleveland Steamers

We see now why he was excited to join the Browns, let’s hope this week doesn’t provide any more disturbing news. Does OBJ take Cleveland to the Super BOWL?

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