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Bryant Bulldogs: Tough week for the Dawg after back-to-back losses to Brown and Cincinnati

It's not always sunshine and rainbows, and if you've been a Bryant fan and follower, you know that it gets better with patience. After taking down Syracuse last week, the Bulldogs were on top of the mountain. Beating Boeheim in his house was like winning a tournament game. When the Dawgs came back home, the winning took a hiatus this week.

It started off with the Ocean State cross-town matchup. The Brown University Bears. Brown opened up a 20-point halftime lead to end the Bulldogs' four-game winning streak. The Bears opened the game with the first nine points and never looked back. Not a great homecoming.

Bryant then went to Ohio to take on Cincinnati. It was a blowout, 97-71. It's worth noting that six of players were sick with an undisclosed illness. Earl Timberlake could have been the difference maker in this game.

Now Cincinnati was going to be a tough battle, but Brown was and should have been a win. They now it at 6-3, and this week they'll take on a competitive Tulane and Stony Brook. Time to get back into the win column.


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