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Clearly Jake Fromm was NOT the answer. Giants get washed by the Eagles, and officially eliminated.

Remember this?


This photo.

This god forsaken photo from the OBJ era will continue to come up until the Giants do something. It's quite haunting and quite embarrassing. Since this picture was taken (January 2017), the Giants are now a NFL worst 22-58.

Today added to that tally. Another week in 2021 and another loss. I cannot wait until this season is over. Hand up. I thought Jake Fromm would provide some sort of spark, but man was I wrong. Fromm went a whopping 6 of 17 for 25 yards and one interception before he was pulled for Glennon late in the third. His passer rating? A glamorous 19.5. You've got to be kidding me.

What's more disheartening about this loss was the fact that the Giants are reported to roll back on their leadership for next season. According to Adam Schefter, the Giants believe both Judge and Jones deserve the opportunity to demonstrate their talents next season.

Listen, I am a Daniel Jones stan, but he cannot stay healthy. Is it his offensive line? Is it the offensive play call? Or is it actually him and his health? I don't know. Either way, here's your score.

Eagles 34, Giants 10

The Eagles now hold the No.7 seed in the NFC playoffs. Giants have been eliminated from the playoffs and have clinched a fifth consecutive season with double-digit losses.


Fantasy Points

  • QB Jake Fromm: 25 yards 3 INT | 0.2 points

  • QB Mike Glennon: 93 yards 1 TD 2INT | 6.82 points

  • RB Saquon Barkley: 15 car. 32 yards rush |3.8 points

  • RB Devontae Booker: 6 car. 27 yards rush, 4 rec. 19 yards receiving |9.6 points

  • WR Kenny Golladay: 3 rec. 22 yards | 5.2 points

  • WR Darius Slayton: 1 rec. 7 yards | 1.7 points

  • TE Evan Engram: 4 rec. 17 yards, 1 TD | 11.7 points

  • Defense + Special Teams: 1 sack, 28 PA | 0 points

  • K Graham Gano: 1 XP, 1FG | 6 points

Bets and Odds

  • Giants +11 X

  • Eagles Moneyline

  • NYG/PHI Over 41

Next Game

Next week literally doesn't matter lol. Giants verse Bears. Battle to see who's pick is closer to the top five, and the only nice part is that New York owns both of them.


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