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Craft Beer Selections: The Summer 6-Pack

We are at the peak of the Summer. The sun is shining, the weather is stunning, and you should be enjoying yourself with some nice hoppy beverages after a long day of WFH. Don’t waste your time with the cheap college stuff.

There are so many breweries, both locally and countrywide, that are offering some tasty and awesome selections. If you aren’t familiar with those offerings, we’ll help you out. Let’s say you’re heading to a social distance soiree of some sort, and you’re going to bring some beers for your buddies to try. What beers are you bringing? Here is a summer six-pack selection that you should pick up for your next party, or yourself!

Sip of Sunshine

· Lawson’s Finest Liquids (Waitsfield, Vermont)

· New England Double IPA

· 8% ABV

o IPA packed with juicy tropical flavors and bright aromas. This beer screams summertime fine. It is a staple of Lawson’s and one of the best beers you can pick up.

Photo: Lawson's Finest Liquid


· Treehouse Brewing (Charlton, Massachusetts)

· American IPA

· 6.8% ABV

o The Flagship IPA of the best brewery in the country. This bright and juicy beer is filled with fruity flavors (mango, peach, and passionfruit.) It is smooth and consistent. You can never go wrong with Julius or anything from Treehouse.

Photo: Treehouse Brewing

Blueberry Ale

· Blue Point (Patchogue, New York)

· Fruit Beer

· 4.5% ABV

o It’s healthy if it has fruit in it, right? Made with fresh blueberries, this thirst-quenching ale is perfect for any summer gathering and different from the typical craft selection.

Photo: Blue Point Brewing

Rec League

· Harpoon Brewery (Boston, Massachusetts)

· New England Pale Ale

· 3.8% ABV

o After tons of R&D, Harpoon created a light and favorable beer that is I low in calories and alcohol but tastes like an IPA. A perfect beer that won’t make you feel full.

Photo: Harpoon Brewing

Citrus Jammer

· Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York)

· Sour Gose

· 4% ABV

o Another light beer, that is refreshing and low in calories. This lemon-lime flavor kicked sour is definitely outside of people’s craft beer comfort zone, but it is refreshing and enjoyable.

Photo: SixPoint Brewing

Heady Topper

· The Alchemist (Stowe, Vermont)

· Imperial Double IPA 8% ABV

o Another flagship and fan favorite. This beer is the real deal. Blended with six different hops and tons of fruit flavor variety, you won’t regret picking up this one.

Photo: The Alchemist Brewery

Honorable Mentions!

Because you can always bring more than 6!

· Summer Shandy – Leinenkugel (Shandy, 4.2% ABV)

· Blood Orange Wheat Jack Abby (Shandy, 4 % ABV)

· White – Allagash Brewing Company (Wheat, 5.2% ABV)

· Here Comes the Wave – Long Live Beer Works (NE DIPA, 8% ABV)

· Day Time IPA – Lagunitas Brewing Company (India Session Ale, 4% ABV)

· Black Cherry Seltzer – Montauk Brewing Company (Hard Seltzer, 4.5% ABV)

For more craft beer selections, check out the opening section of “Beers, Business, and Balls”.



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