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DeAndre Hopkins is now a free agent. It’s time for the Giants to get Daniel Jones his WR1.

Some breaking news before Memorial Day Weekend. DeAndre Hopkins has been released from the Cardinals, and now the eventual Hall of Famer heads into free agency with a lot of eyes looking for his services.

It’s wild because the Cardinals couldn’t find a trade partner and now take on a massive $22.6 million dollar cap hit. That’s just mismanagement to the extreme, but that’s a conversation for a different day.

D-Hop now has the opportunity to go anywhere, and he’ll be a big priority heading into the summer. Does he finally play for Bill Belichick? Does he team up with Mahomes? Does he create a tandem with Stefon Diggs or AJ Brown, or even OBJ? The opportunities are endless.

Bias aside, I think a place DeAndre Hopkins would flourish is right in the Meadowlands catching passes from Daniel Jones and getting coached up by Brian Daboll.

New York would give him the chance to showcase his Number One potential, while shining in the big lights of the Big Apple. The Giants made the playoffs last year in a loaded NFC East. The team leaders boasted decent numbers, especially with the lack of Star power to their name.

  • Darius Slayton - 46 Rec. 724 Yards, 2TD

  • Richie James - 57 Rec. 569 Yards, 4TD

  • Isiah Hodgins - 33 Rec. 351 Yards, 4TD

This was without a solidified line. Enter a boosted Danny Dimes with another year of Dab’s and Kafka influence, plus a healthy Evan Neal and newly drafted center, John Michael-Schmitz. Plus, DeAndre would have Darren Waller, Saquon Barkley, and Paris Campbell as part of the equation, which will help create separation for Hopkins to shine on the outside.

If Joe Schoen wants to knock this offseason out of the park, he needs to do everything in his power to get Hopkins in blue.



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