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Don't tease us Elon! Could Vine return and put TikTok on notice?

Oh boy... here we go. I was just about to call it a night and then Mr. Musk decides to drop this tweet. How can Elon Musk make Twitter more profitable, while also disrupting the social media landscape?

Brining. Back. Vine.

Reintroducing the popular app, or investing in vine-like products for Twitter is something Musk could explore without any concerns of stock changes or quarterly earnings getting impacted.

One of the biggest blunders of all time was Twitter not figuring out how to make money from Vine and ultimately shutting it down in 2017. Vine was before it's time. People just don't appreciate the content that was created. It was internet 2.0. There's days I'll hop on YouTube and just watch OG vine compilations. If Elon Musk does this, we are going to experience a new renaissance of content creation.


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