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Everything College Basketball: Episode 153

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A lot of happened in the college basketball landscape since Episode 152. Josh and Trevor get you caught up to speed on all of it.

- ACC/SEC challenge schedules were released for the first installment of the new conference vs conference challenge. The games are solid but we explain why we think they fumbled the ball with the matchups and how we would have done it better.

- Bob Huggins steps down as Head Coach. We have the entire timeline of events that lead to the resignation with thoughts on an unfortunate situation and the downfall of another legendary coach.

- Peach Jam updates and a discussion on the top 2 prospects in the class of 2025. Just how good are Cooper Flagg and Cam Boozer? Where do they go to college in a couple of years?

- Antonio Reeves returns and Tre Mitchell transfers into Kentucky. How does this change the outlook on the Cats' season?

-We end the show with a fun hypothetical of who wins a game between two Kentucky teams from the John Calipari era!


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