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For the first time in forever, a championship comes home to New York. NYCFC wins the MLS Cup

Today's match marks the first cup final appearance in their seventh season of existence. No matter how hot they were this season, they were looked as the underdog. They embraced that role today, defeating the Portland Timbers in their home turf of Providence Park, and coming out on top with their first ever MLS Cup. COME ON NEW YORK!

The Golden Boot winner, Taty Castellanos, struck the first goal of the cup, which came from a Maxi Moralez free kick. A nice header that got some help from the wet surface, sneaked right past Timbers goalkeeper Steve Clark right before the half.

It didn't come easy at all. NYCFC was moments away from winning, but an equalizer goal by Felipe Mora brought the match to 1-1 in the 95th minute. It was a real kick in the you know what. Similarly to the Conference Semi's, the overtime play was scoreless and it came down to penalties. Sean Johnson remains an iron gate behind the net, holding it down, allowing only 2 goals. It came down to the 4th try, and Alex Callens drops it in the net for the victory!

An underdog story for City. After years of making it to the playoffs but not coming out with anything, this year came with lofty expectations. They stumbled in the beginning, but grabbed a draw against a talented Atlanta in October, and jump started their end of the year run. They went undefeated in their final nine games of the season, including the playoffs. One of the hottest teams in the Eastern Conference, they climbed the later as the fourth seed, upsetting Atlanta yet again, taking down New England at home, beating another top team in Philadelphia Union, and then completing the Championship victory verse the Timber in Portland.

This marks an important milestone for NYCFC. They have grown over the years, revamped the lineup from ex-euro pros to homegrown talent and various transfers, to now helping the MLS grow in one of the biggest markets. This also marks the first New York championship in professional sports since the 2011 Giants. Let's hope that it's the start of something new in New York. Come on New York, baby!


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